We are hit, everyday, by a tsunami of content options. Never in human history has there been so much to read, watch, forward and swipe. On YouTube, every second 300 new hours of video are uploaded. If you want to become an entrepreneur, where can you even start?

At Idea to Start, we believe that you start with people, more specifically, entrepreneurship intellectuals who share their fresh, revolutionary and above all scientifically tested insights with you. We are a group of researchers and start-up lovers living and working in the Netherlands. Idea to Start transfers entrepreneurship intellectuals knowledge to you on all aspects of starting, running, succeeding and even exiting a new venture.

We bring to you entrepreneurship intellectuals’ wisdom in a more concise, lighter and less technical language than a research paper. Our mission is to elevate these scholars, to help today’s entrepreneurship intellectuals to spread their ideas and get feedback from the reader. We are believers; we think that the right book, the right insight on what makes us tick, at the right moment can be life-changing.