Introducing my Kindle ebook

Since when I started this blog, I wrote several articles on various aspects of startups. The feedback I received from many was positive and satisfying. You told me that you like the articles but they are intense and you need full concentration. I understand because what I present are supported, fact-based statements so it takes a bit of time to digest.

I decided to take this to the next level and put articles in one short Kindle ebook. I think getting some money back from what I do is needed to continue writing articles and bringing insights to you. If you agree, you can buy the ebook for only $2 here and support my writing. If you have a couple of minutes, please write a review for the book so that it climbs the Amazon rank.

I believe it is important to bring justified findings to startups and potential entrepreneurs and to avoid unsupported false claims. Bringing unsupported claims endanger the whole publishing industry as people have a hard time to trust writers.

By the way, I use a pen name due to various reasons including my long and hard-to-pronounce family name.


About pourya

I am an entrepreneurship postdoctoral research fellow at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. My vision is to fill the gap between entrepreneurship research and practice with this website. Research and practice are two separate islands when it comes particularly to entrepreneurship. There are hundreds of papers/articles written every month but we hardly see their contribution to real life entrepreneurship.

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