Why idea to start?

Have you ever noticed the large gap between academia and industry? It feels like academicians (me one of them!) live on another planet and they speak an alien language! This gap is omnipresent in business fields particularly in the entrepreneurship field. The attempt to fill this large gap is the main purpose of creating this website. We believe that it is possible for entrepreneurship scholars to share their findings, with a non-technical language, with the rest of the world.

The main idea is to have a summary of the most interesting findings of a paper on the most relevant topics to the industry in 1-2 pages. We understand that entrepreneurs and businessmen are busy so we keep the text concise and to-the-point. This means a call for entrepreneurship scholars to share the practical implications of their research with us so that we can post them on this website.

If you are an entrepreneurship scholar share with us implications of your findings via pourya@ideatostart.com . If you are an entrepreneur or a professional check our website regularly for new insights!

About pourya

I am an entrepreneurship postdoctoral research fellow at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. My vision is to fill the gap between entrepreneurship research and practice with this website. Research and practice are two separate islands when it comes particularly to entrepreneurship. There are hundreds of papers/articles written every month but we hardly see their contribution to real life entrepreneurship.

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